Cathy Jameson, PhD


Dr. Cathy Jameson

Cathy Jameson is founder of Jameson Management, an international comprehensive management and marketing firm with 25 years of work with dental practices worldwide. With a background in education, psychology and management, she worked alongside her husband, John H. Jameson, DDS, in his rural Oklahoma dental practice. Their diligent efforts led to great success. Now, almost two decades later, she’s helped dental practices refine the 25 dental business systems for greater success and she’s trained a growing team of advisors and speakers to do the same for clients worldwide. Cathy is an acclaimed speaker and best-selling author with her most recent book, Creating A Healthy Work Environment, released in fall of 2015.

Speaker Details

A popular speaker at dental meetings, both domestically and abroad, Cathy brings her vast experience as well as humor and heart to each of her powerful programs.