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What Would Clarity on Your

Practice Goals and Metrics Mean for You?

Jameson Dash - Dental Practice Intelligence
  • Do you ever feel lost when it comes to your practice goals and key metrics?
  • Are you sensing that something is wrong in your practice but don't know where to look?
  • Have you wanted to grow your practice but are unsure of your current practice health?
  • Do you wish there was an easy way to, at a glance, understand the health of each area of your practice?
  • Would knowing your exact metrics on any given day enhance your decision making?
  • Would you like to demonstrate the health of your practice to a potential associate or lender?
Dr Nicole Write - Jameson Dental Coaching Testimonial Headshot

Dr. Nicole Wright

Winston Salem Periodontics

I was initially skeptical but took the advice of my trusted colleagues and finally signed up as a Jameson client. I am SO glad I did! I was worried the Jameson group would be like other consultants I had previously worked with...coming in and giving a heck of a motivational speech, handing over a list of to-do’s that never get done and charging an arm and a leg. Jameson couldn’t be more opposite.

Diane Lester - Jameson Dental Coaching Testimonial

Diane Lester

Associated Dental Care of Helena

Associated Dental Care of Helena has been working with Jameson Management since 2012! We credit (Jameson) for bringing our team together and taking this practice to high levels of success in patient care.

Jameson Dash - Dental KPIs Screenshot

Jameson Dash helps you see where you are and where you are going allowing you to make decisions today for your business health in the future.

Jameson Dash Includes

  • Identify the source of new patients
  • Track the Treatment Patients Complete
  • A Customized dashboard for one practice location
  • A Call with a Jameson advisor to setup your customized dashboard.
  • More than 150 detailed key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Two 1-hour training sessions with a Jameson Advisor
  • Mine your data for revenue opportunities based on:
    • insurance plans
    • fee for service patients
    • recall opportunity
    • unscheduled treatment
    • inactive patients
  • Unlimited technical support via instant chat, email or phone
  • Unlimited users for one Practice Location


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