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Carrie Webber - Jameson Dental Coaching and Marketing

Carrie Webber

Carrie Webber is owner of The Jameson Group, a dental management coaching & marketing firm that works with dental practices nationwide to help dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives. Carrie is a contributing author to several publications and blogs on the topics of dental management, leadership, marketing, customer service and business development as well as a popular speaker at dental meetings nationwide. She is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and was named a Leader in CE by Dentistry Today for the past five years. For more information on Webber and her company, The Jameson Group, visit www.ww1.jmsn.com.

Dr. Cathy Jameson

Cathy Jameson PhD

Cathy Jameson is the founder of Jameson Management, an international dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm. The Jameson Method of Management, developed by Cathy, offers proven management and marketing systems for helping organizations improve their workflow and efficiency in a positive, forward thinking culture. Cathy earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and then a Master’s Degree in psychology from Goddard College. She received her doctorate from Walden University.

A popular speaker at dental meetings, both domestically and abroad, Cathy brings her vast experience as well as humor and heart to each of her powerful programs. Cathy has been named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry as well as being the recipient of the second Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Dental Office Managers in 2014.

She considers herself a life long learner and encourages those around her to be in a constant state of study, growth and action. She is the author of several books, including her latest title: Creating a Healthy Work Environment.

Amy Logan Parrish - Jameson Dental Speakers

Amy Logan Parrish

Amy Logan Parrish is Chief Development Officer for Jameson Management, a practice management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm. Amy focuses primarily on growth and development for both the company as a whole and for the individual team members that make up the organization’s dynamic culture. She has been a featured speaker at numerous dental meetings across the country delivering engaging presentations on a variety of subjects relevant to today’s dental team including customer service, marketing, and team development.

Sherilan Sullivan - Jameson Management Dental Coach

Sherilan Sullivan

Sherilan brings knowledge from a 20+year career in the dental field, with experience in both clinical and business administration, including work in a practice that incorporated Jameson methods. Over the course of her career she has developed a clear understanding of the challenges staff face on a daily basis and the ability to provide practical solutions to overcome them, as well as to quickly assess and execute process improvements in both GP and specialty practices.

Nancy Miller

Nancy Miller

Nancy has been a Jameson team member since 1998. Her area of expertise is in clinical procedures and periodontal therapy and instrumentation. She promotes the concept of the entire team being involved in periodontal treatment and continuous care of their patient base. Nancy has provided extensive knowledge and expertise to the profession through writing, lecturing, advising and supporting several large endeavors over the years. The passion runs deep and the results are great when Nancy has the opportunity to invest into a high-performing dental team.

Nathan Porter - Jameson Dental Marketing

Nate Porter

Nate Porter is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jameson Management. He has spent the past decade of his career exploring online marketing techniques and strategies in the context of local, service based businesses. His strategies often run counter to mainstream thinking on marketing and have proven very successful in growing brand reach and acquiring new clients. Prior to his role at Jameson, Nate has led several marketing startups to success and acquisition so he understands the ins and outs of building and running a small service-based business.

Ryan Webber - Jameson Dental Practice Intelligence

Ryan Webber

Ryan has spent his years at Jameson growing and enhancing the marketing services provided to Jameson marketing clients. He helps his clients see great results through websites, external marketing initiatives and branding. He also leads initiatives within Jameson to grow the list of marketing services available to clients in ways that are relevant and effective.